"Dr. Dan Paterson is the only doctor I TRUST with all my family’s health needs. I have enjoyed his chiropractic care for over a decade and over the last three years his work on our behalf in the areas of functional medicine. He put me back together after falling 16 feet. He has continued to assist all our family members with various health issues and we have found his diagnosis and treatment in all areas of functional medicine to be far beyond what we have experienced with other medical doctors. He is thoughtful, has a great bedside manner and is well versed in all aspects of health care. I have trusted him with my whole family and he has always solved our issues. This is one doctor who knows his stuff. He is a gift to us. Five stars!”
Mike S.


"Dr. Paterson has been a valued resource for our family for the past 6 years. We call him, The Miracle Worker. There have been times I was in such pain that I could hardly get to his office. With one treatment, I always feel significantly better. Within 1-3 treatments, the pain is gone. You will find Dr. Paterson to be a very knowledgeable professional who combines several disciplines to get results fast. He has impeccable integrity and always goes the extra mile. He's the best I've ever met, both professionally and personally. My GP Physician knows Dr. Paterson as well, and highly recommends him. If you're looking for a superb diagnostician with superior health-care skills, Dr. Paterson is your man. He's definitely all pro material."
Joe B.

"I have serious, chronic, degenerative back issues. A little over a year ago, I was barely able to move. I tried steroid injections which did not resolve the pain issues. I began weekly chiropractic adjustments with Dr. Paterson in January 2013. I am now being adjusted once a month and my pain issues are kept at bay without medication!  I am even playing raquetball again! I am so thrilled with the results! Dr. Paterson is knowledgeable, friendly and a gifted chiropractor.  His office staff is always kind and friendly.  Thanks to them, I feel like I have my active life back!"
Jane L. 

"Dr. Paterson is great!  I was experiencing a lot of health issues a few years back that my regular physician could not cure. Dr. P. did some tests for food intolerances and adrenal fatigue.  Treatment and lifestyle changes under his guidance have improved my health tremendously."
Libby W.

"Dr. P. is awesome!  I was in a car accident and he helped me regain full mobility in my arm.  Even after recovering from the accident, I'm still seeing him for regular adjustments.  I highly recommend Dr. P.  He is friendly and a good listener."
Angelia K. 

"I love seeing Dr. Paterson.  He is very personable and listens to what your needs are. I see Dr. Paterson on an as needed basis.  He's not a chiropractor that will convince you that you need treatment that you do not.  I highly recommend Dr. Paterson whether your needs are light or severe."
Stephen T. 

“I have been a patient of Dr. Paterson’s for several years and get treatments for back and neck problems, including an occipital bone dysfunction.  He is very professional and I always get relief from the pain which often lasts for months.”
Edward R.

"I have been a patient of Dr. Paterson's for several years. I was first referred to him by my PCP for neck problems. Dr. Paterson spent a great deal of time genuinely listening to my concerns and asking lots of questions to pinpoint my problem. He diagnosed me and recommended some changes to my everyday routine to help me correct my neck issues and along with periodic adjustments from him, I got better. Since then, I have used Dr. Paterson's services to help me rehabilitate from a car accident that injured my AC joint; as well as from an injury that fractured both the tibia and fibula of my right ankle. I'm happy to say that I am recovered from both, thanks to his care. More recently, I have gone to Dr.Paterson for his expertise in functional medicine, where he has helped me solve some issues with pre-diabetes and physical endurance by identifying underlying metabolic issues and prescribing natural supplements and changes to my diet that have solved my problems. I highly recommend Dr. Paterson and his methodology. I've received no less than the very best care available, from a very talented, kind, caring and sincere doctor."
Mark S.

"After my initial consultation with Dr. Paterson, I had some tests run to determine the cause of my tiredness and insomnia, feeling of nausea and overall exhaustion. He had explained that my adrenal glands weren't functioning properly and sure enough, that is what the tests showed. Once I began taking the supplements to support my adrenals, I noticed an almost immediate difference! And now, three months later I can say that I no longer have any of the symptoms and I have increased energy that I haven't had in years. Thank you so much Dr. Paterson for changing my life!"
Cate A.

"I have always been pleased with the treatments.  One thing, is that Dr. Paterson does not "linger out" the treatments. He gets right to the problem and takes care of it.  I'm then good for months.  One time, a huge spider sat right above my head and startled me in my car.  As a result, my neck really felt out of place because I jerked my head to get away from the spider.  Dr. Paterson was able to treat my neck quickly back to good health."
Doris S.

"Dr. Paterson is the exemplary professional. In particular, I appreciate his caring attitude and attention to detail. He is very knowledgeable about cholesterol and blood sugar challenges. Also, he has a great line of homeopathic products and his office is conveniently located. Thanks Doc!"

"I first started seeing Dr. Paterson in 2003 when he became my chiropractor. Riding a bike and hiking in the Pikes Peak region can do a body bad at times. Dr. Paterson is a master craftsmen in the truest sense of the word. You tell him where it hurts and he uses an economy of motion to get to the spot, make the adjustment and relive the tension quickly and painlessly! I have since moved away from the Pikes Peak region of Colorado, but return on a yearly basis to hike Pikes Peak. The day before my hike I have an appointment with Dr. Paterson to get me tweaked and ready for the adventure ahead of me on the mountain. I will continue to see him as long as I return to Colorado. It is with great confidence that I highly recommend Dr. Dan Paterson for all your chiropractic needs! He is truly the very best at what he does."
James J.

"I had the opportunity to go to Dr. Dan Paterson's Chiropractic office many times from 2000-2004. He was able to provide me with chiropractic treatments after and during my wrestling season. He and his staff would re-adjust me, and give muscle stimulation treatments after my work outs and practices when I was in pain or out of alignment. He knew exactly what to do to make my pain go away and to allow me to feel great while working out again. He is a very knowledgeable doctor and I was very impressed with his expertise and experience of working with athletes. He also was asked to be a team chiropractor for the HS wrestling team. We enjoyed his work that much. I highly recommend Dr. Paterson for anyone who is in pain, and/or looking for relief from working out or an accident. He is one of the top physicians in the area in my opinion."
Clint H.

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