Functional Blood Chemistry

This takes the age old procedure of blood chemistry and gives it a much overdue makeover. Current research and scientific study within the medical field has opened new doors into how progressive healthcare providers look at and treat potential and developed health conditions. A comprehensive blood chemistry panel can give a healthcare provider insight into developing problems and allow for a preventative course of action. There really is no better health screen that is more efficient than a comprehensive blood test. It will also establish a baseline that can be used to track a person’s health over time. When performed along with a comprehensive medical history and physical examination it provides both the doctor and the patient peace of mind knowing that a thorough screening has taken place. If there are still questions as to what is ailing the patient, then specialized testing can be done to further diagnose the problem and get to the root cause. Each individual test tells only a part of the story. Although some of these tests hold merit on their own, they are each part of a puzzle. When all of the blood chemistry markers are looked at as a whole, it provides a much more complete picture as to how healthy, or ill, the patient truly is.

What is the difference between a Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis and “regular” blood testing?

When interpreting blood chemistry lab results, there is a Functional Range and a Pathological Range. Test values that fall between the Functional Range and the Pathological Range are considered subclinical and can indicate the beginning stages of disease. They should be used as markers, indicating something that is not as good as it should be; or they can be a sign of a developing condition that is not bad enough to treat medically…at least not yet. Dr. Paterson has dedicated hundreds of post graduate continuing education hours learning to differentially diagnose and manage these blood chemistry patterns. The goal is to identify developing medical problems and prevent them from manifesting into a serious medical condition. This will help us on our path to true health and a better quality life.

More Benefits of a Comprehensive Blood Chemistry Analysis

  • Determine which nutraceutical, homeopathic, botanical, or medication will best address your individual needs.
  • Avoid wasting money on “The Supplement of the Month”. In other words, on products that provide nutrients that you are not deficient in and don’t need to supplement.
  • Provide nutritional protocols that address your deficiencies and help your body return to a healthy state.
  • Provides early detection of emerging, life-threatening health conditions.
  • It is an inexpensive way to determine how effective your nutritional program has been. Follow-up testing allows you to chart the effectiveness of your program and make precise adjustments when needed.
  • Maintaining your blood marker values within the optimal ranges will allow your immune system to function better, allow you to utilize nutrients more efficiently and help you live a much healthier, happier and hopefully longer more vibrant life.

Additional Services Provided

Complete metabolic and nutritional blood testing
Adrenal stress hormone profile
Thyroid hormone profile
Pre and Post menopausal hormone profile
Male hormone profile
Food allergy testing
Anti-aging markers
Gastrointestinal Panel testing
Parasite and yeast testing
Other metabolic and nutritional tests as indicated

A person’s state of health should be monitored regularly. Doing so can significantly reduce the risk of developing many common disorders that plaque our society today…such as…heart disease, cancer, diabetes/blood sugar imbalances, liver and thyroid conditions, kidney disease, stroke, anemia, vitamin/mineral deficiencies, hormonal imbalances, fatigue, abnormal weight gain, mood imbalances, bone loss, sexual dysfunction, memory impairment, and so on. There is no better time than right now to take the necessary steps to scientifically prevent future disease and achieve optimal health and wellbeing!

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